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In 2005 Audi Hungaria opened the toolmaking shop, in which the equipment for the press shops and body shop are made. It also produces assemblies for the Group's supercar models in an exclusive series. The most notable equipment are the large presses. With a tool weight of 50 tons, these can exert up to 25,000 kilonewtons of press force on the workpieces. The toolmaking shop has been continuously expanded, with new presses and 3D laser cutting machines now in operation. Around 700 employees in the roughly 50,000-square meter (538,195.5 sq ft) Győr toolmaking shop produce body assemblies for exclusive and supercar models from the Audi and Volkswagen Group. Expansion of the toolmaking shop began in 2016, as part of which floor space was expanded in 2017 by 15,000 square meters (161,458.7 sq ft) to create capacity for future projects. Four new large presses with a press force of up to 2,500 metric tons were commissioned in 2017. Capacity in exclusive series production was increased in 2018. Thanks to this higher capacity, the toolmaking shop will in future deliver body parts for 120 vehicles every day.



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