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Technical Development

The Drivetrain Development department has had a presence in Győr since 2001. It supports Production with its development work for series production. Over 300 engineers and other employees are working on various development projects, for example on friction optimizations and engine-acoustics analysis, as well as on the development of engine derivatives. Drivetrain Development in Győr currently operates 20 test stands: 16 highly dynamic full-function test stands, two friction test stands, a swivel test stand and a climate test chamber. The Engine Development Center was expanded to include a workshop equipped with cutting-edge technology. A new building with six full-function test stands was erected in 2015. The experts of Audi Hungaria can test all engines, from three- to twelve-cylinder units, on the running test stands. Six more test stands were installed by 2017 as part of a second expansion phase.

Audi Hungaria expanded its development activities in late 2011 with the Complete Vehicle Development department, which currently employees over 70 engineers. The focus here is on production-related vehicle development. This includes supporting the start of production of new models at Audi Hungaria as well as diverse engine component and vehicle tests during the development process. Various loads placed on the car by the customer are modeled, in part by means of vehicle and component simulation. There are two new test systems for strength testing engine and automobile parts. The experts of Audi Hungaria can investigate the acoustic, strength and road characteristics of all Audi models in the Total Vehicle Development technical center. Total Vehicle Development further extended its analytical expertise in 2017. Additional test stands for components and complete vehicles were commissioned. The experts at Audi Hungaria use the only total vehicle test stand of its kind in Hungary to test entire automobiles with respect to energy management, strength and acoustics. The vehicles can be analyzed at speeds up to 280 km/h (174.0 mph) on a simulated road without moving.



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