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We are at home in Győr

In 1993, Audi Hungaria chose Győr from 180 possible sites and settled in the county seat located in Kisalföld. Over the past 28 years, the city and the company have developed together, and the region has become one of the most developed ones in Hungary. Győr combines the bustle of a vibrant European city with a homely atmosphere! More than 130,000 people populate the baroque streets and inviting downtown terraces, finding not only education and employment, but also a wealth of leisure opportunities in the City of Waters—all in a relaxed and human-scale environment. Many people are attracted by the homely atmosphere of the historic city center, the many cultural and sports opportunities, the proximity of nature, the vibrant economy and the well-developed infrastructure.

As a city of culture, Győr is home to the internationally renowned Ballet Company of Győr and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, and is also the scene of long-standing festivals such as the Győrkőcfesztivál (Győrkids Festival) organized by the Vaskakas Puppet Theatre and the Győri Könyvszalon (Győr Bookfair). In addition to the vibrant cultural life, there are numerous sports events, and the future of the city lies in the developing university programs, in which Audi Hungaria is a key player through research and innovation.

Have you been here before? Watch our video below, in which our colleagues tell why they have chosen Győr as their home. Click here for the video! Meet us in the City of Meetings!

Working environment

More than 12,000 people work at Audi Hungaria every day. Our company strives to provide employees with a working environment in which they feel comfortable and at ease. Our common goal is to strengthen the sense of belonging within the company and the feeling that being an Audi employee is great. In addition, our company places great emphasis on sustainability, which has become a key factor in competitiveness. We have also achieved great progress in this area recently, as we have been carbon neutral since 2020. We will continue to work on reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and engaging our employees to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Not only is it important to create a pleasant working environment, but also to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees outside work. The lives of the families of our employees are important to us, including the ability to easily reconcile work and private life. Our company is well-equipped, providing a modern and pleasant working environment. Our employees have the possibility to use company computers, laptops and tablets for an indefinite period of time from the moment they join to carry out their daily tasks. These devices can run any system that people working here might need. In recent years, the use of online forums has become more prominent, and online meetings have become an integral part of Audi Hungaria's life, thanks to modern, well-organized operating systems.

Audi Hungaria's workplace catering is one of the most diverse things in our company. We have 3 restaurants, 13 buffets and a range of snack and drinks machines catering for our employees. Our restaurants offer a huge selection for our employees, from traditional to modern, special dishes, also catering for those with intolerances and vegetarians. Every day, our dessert counter has a fresh, tasty and varied selection, to the delight of our employees.

Our own events, organized and run by our employees, are also very popular with our staff. We are always thinking about our employees with kids, so we also organize children's activities. One of our regular events is the Easter playhouse, where our employees with kids can take part in playful activities and Easter crafts. On our Cooking Days, employees can compete in teams to cook stew, goulash soup and fish soup, which are judged by chefs from restaurants in the area. During the cooking time, there are children's activities to keep the children entertained. We are constantly encouraging our employees to do sports, which is why we also organize internal programs to give employees the chance to show off their talents. Every year we organize the Audi Cup, the Audi Hungaria Football Tournament, for which the grand prize is always a trip to a match of a well-known European team with all expenses paid.

A modern workplace promotes work-life balance, so we have introduced alternative employment as well as work from home. Our employees can now work in the comfort of their own homes, rather than just at their usual workplace, giving them more freedom to manage their tasks themselves. Mobile working has become part of our corporate culture, opening up to the needs of new generations.


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