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Management careers

Members of management guide, coordinate and support Audi Hungaria's 12,000 employees, and plan, coordinate the implementation of tasks within the company and the Group.
In addition to team management at various levels, other important elements of management activity include workforce and capacity planning, professional monitoring and support, liaising with other relevant areas, and coordinating joint work both within the company and at Group level.
The selection and development process in management is based on harmonized principles within the VW Group. Members of the Audi Group management team are selected on the basis of the current needs of the company and can be deployed throughout the Group, therefore candidates must have a broad range of experience and a high level of competence.
Becoming a manager at Audi Hungaria can be achieved in two ways:
• The primary aim of Audi Hungaria is to ensure that the company provides management succession from within its own ranks in accordance with the Volkswagen Group's guidelines, so that the succession pool is adequately prepared for performing the Volkswagen Group's management and professional management functions. The development of management succession is a systematic and individual development process with defined and transparent milestones.
• It is also important for Audi Hungaria that the management knowledge and experience of professionals from other companies and outside the Group strengthen the management team and bring new perspectives and competences into the life of the Group. The management selection procedure for external candidates is the Assessment Center, which is the Group's standardized selection tool.
In both cases, the selection is based on the “Group requirement profile” containing the competences.
Supporting long-term, continuous development and improvement for all employees is part of our corporate culture, for which we provide time and space, adapting to ever-changing circumstances, taking bold decisions and redesigning when necessary.
If you are interested in applying for a management position at Audi Hungaria, you can find our current management position offers here: www.audi.hu/vezeto.
Management careers


Our carefully designed multi-pillar benefits package with the most popular elements is one of the most attractive packages in the Hungarian labor market.
Audi Hungaria values the loyalty and hard work of its employees, so we provide them and their families with a range of bonus benefits. Our employees, who have been key members of our company for more than ten years, are being awarded jubilee bonuses. It is important to us to support our employees beyond their monthly salary, so every year we give them the opportunity to take advantage of fringe benefits: SZÉP card (with all three sub-accounts), workplace catering subsidy, health insurance fund contribution and voluntary pension fund contribution are all easily accessible services for our employees.
Cash benefits:
• Competitive basic salary, performance-related variable pay
• 13th monthly salary payment
• Profit-related bonus payment
Additional cash benefits:
• A uniquely wide range of optional fringe benefits to the extent permitted by law
• Voluntary pension and health insurance fund contributions
• Loyalty bonus
• Jubilee bonus
• Resettlement allowance
In addition to our cash benefits, we support our employees with a range of unique opportunities and purchasing discounts.
Health care services:
• Free specialist care and free medical examinations on our premises
• Health insurance and voluntary pension fund customer service
• Daily shuttle bus between Budapest and Győr
• Support for travel to and from work and traveling home on the weekends
• Free contracted transport, 100% commuter pass reimbursement
• Company Car Program for Employees with Audi models (MFC)
Knowledge sharing:
• Higher education and scientific cooperation, partnership
• Support for vocational and non-vocational training sessions, courses, studies
Purchasing discounts:
• Many discounts on purchases from our contracted partners in hospitality, sports, travel, retail, telecommunications and banking
• Discount in the Car Purchase Program (for AUDI, VW, Skoda, SEAT and Cupra models)
Other additional benefits:
• Making use of opportunities adapted to life situations (maternity program, wedding car, alternative forms of employment, smart working, etc.)
• Corporate channels also available from private devices
• Employee and family events
• Anniversary events
• Idea management
• Employee Referral Program
• Audi Classifieds (employee classifieds)


It is very important for Audi Hungaria to ensure the continuous development and training of our employees, as this is the key to sustainability and the future. To this end, we provide space and opportunities for all ages, from kindergarten to vocational and adult education.
Employee training | Audi Akademie Hungaria
Our employee competence development is implemented in a constantly evolving network. The pillars of this network are training institutions, including vocational schools and universities, and our cooperation partners. The main goal of Audi Akademie Hungaria is to provide a wide range of individual development opportunities through a modern and customer-oriented portfolio, which allows for individual and group development opportunities and enables the development of competences, attitudes and personalities in line with the needs of Audi Hungaria employees.
We offer a very wide range of training opportunities: basic vocational training, development of professional competences, development of competences beyond profession, language courses and translation related services, development of professional groups, digital education, development of IT competences, management training, organization of seminars.
Dual training programs
Dual vocational training
Our dual vocational training model is a key pillar of our company's specialist-supply program. More than 20 years ago, our company was the first in Hungary to launch the dual vocational training model, which is now run with the Győr Vocational Training Center—Győri SZC Lukács Sándor Automotive and Mechanical Engineering Vocational Technical School and Dormitory, Győri SZC Pattantyús-Ábrahám Géza Vocational Technical School, Győr Vocational Training Center Jedlik Ányos Mechanical and Information Technology Vocational Technical School and Dormitory, Győri SZC Kossuth Lajos Vocational Technical School and Dormitory—and the Audi Hungaria School. The dual vocational training scheme offers students the opportunity to learn 14 different automotive, electronics, metalworking and financial trades at Audi Hungaria’s Training Center. During the first half of the training, students can build their core professional competences in Audi Hungaria’s state-of-the-art Training Center equipped with modern technology, as well as learn about the manufacturing technologies and processes used in the automotive industry. Then the cooperating partner companies can adapt the professional competence development to their own technologies in their own part of the training.
Since 2001, more than 2,300 students have graduated from Audi Hungaria’s dual training programs, and most of them started their professional careers as an employee of the company in Győr.
For more information, visit the following website: www.audi.hu/szakkepzes.
Dual higher education program
Our dual higher education program, developed in partnership with Széchenyi István University, offers a unique opportunity for young people interested in engineering or IT with the Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Business Informatics (full-time) and the English-language Automotive Engineering MSc programs.
Students learn the theoretical knowledge at the university, with a significantly increased number of hours of practical training made possible by Audi Hungaria. The close strategic cooperation between the university and the company is outstanding, thanks to which the training is delivered on a very high professional level. At Audi Hungaria, the students' practical training is overseen by specialist mentors, who not only give them a glimpse into the life of the company, but also give them the opportunity to learn and master the corporate mindset and specific professional skills.
For more information on dual higher education programs, visit the following website: www.audi.hu/dualis.
Audi Hungaria kindergarten and school
The Audi Hungaria School aims to provide high-quality German-Hungarian education and training, as well as an intercultural meeting place for kindergarten and school-age children.
The Audi Hungaria kindergarten is looking forward to seeing kindergarten children:
• Even the youngest children are learning in Hungarian and German;
• Age-appropriate education is provided in mixed groups by age and mother tongue;
• The pre-school program prepares children who are about to enter the first grade for school;
• The Audi Hungaria kindergarten is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
• Special local activities are organized for children.
Why choose Audi Hungaria School for your child?
• Recognized by Germany as an expat German school, it provides high-quality primary and secondary education and offers vocational training in commerce for graduates;
• As of the 2014/15 school year, Hungarian and German mother tongue students are taught in a joint class based on a new bilingual school concept;
• There are two classes per grade level;
• Students learn German and get to know German culture in primary school;
• The certificates are recognized in both Germany and Hungary;
• Students can learn in a modern, state-of-the-art school center.
More information about the institution can be found at www.audischule.hu.
Health management

Health management

The aim of Health Management is to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of employees and, of course, to help maintain and create safe, healthy and motivating working conditions.
This goal is also a huge challenge, not only for the staff in the Health Management area, but also for the other employees. The work in this area can be truly successful if Audi Hungaria employees consciously work together to improve their health. It is important for us to “promote” health, to help and motivate our colleagues to take responsibility for their own health and healthy lifestyles.
Activities of the area include occupational health care (e.g. fitness tests), general and specialist medical care (e.g. Audi Checkup, physiotherapy, 24-hour ambulance service) and health awareness building (e.g. healthy eating, sleep, addiction prevention, stress management).
The department with 34 people is made up of qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and medical advisors.
Our services
Occupational health checks:
As part of occupational health care, we assess whether the stress caused by an activity in a specific job places a strain on the health of the person being examined and whether he or she is able to cope with it without risk of harm to health.
Occupational fitness assessments are based on the main occupational safety and health risk factors identified and recorded in the occupational risk assessment. These factors are identified and assessed by occupational safety specialists and doctors providing occupational health care. The occupational fitness tests are carried out by doctors and nurses providing occupational health services at Audi Hungaria's two health centers.
Specialist medical care:
Specialist medical care and other health services are provided to all Audi Hungaria employees. Specialist medical care services are provided by Hungária Med-M Kft. The specialist clinics are located at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 30–32., Győr.

Audi Checkup:
Audi Hungaria provides a personalized healthcare program for all its employees, called Audi Checkup. Our primary goal is to give our employees feedback on their health and fitness and, if necessary, advice on where and what they should change in their lifestyle and way of living. In this way, besides maintaining and improving their health, they can also prevent getting sick. Participation in the checkups is of course voluntary and completely free of charge.
The following treatments provided by a physiotherapist are available free of charge on the premises of the plant for employees of the company for preventive purposes based on the recommendation of the occupational physician.
Physiotherapy includes prevention, postural correction and improving joint range of motion. In addition to a personalized physiotherapy program, online physiotherapy and spine gymnastics services are also available.
Audi Hungaria Ambulance service:
The ambulance service is available to all employees on the premises of Audi Hungaria Zrt. 24/7. In case of an emergency, every minute counts. The main benefit of having our own ambulance service is saving time, as the Audi Ambulance Unit can be on site in less than 4 minutes.
We have trained first-aiders in all areas of the company, and we provide first-aid training for volunteers. Skills covered in the training include basic CPR, use of a semi-automatic defibrillator, recognition and management of sicknesses, accident first aid and bandaging techniques.
Mental health service:
A team of psychologists, doctors and mental health professionals supports the mental health of our employees. In addition to prevention programs and services, individual consultations are also available following a preliminary mental health assessment.
Other services:
• Glasses to ensure sharp vision
• Foot testing
• Quit smoking program
• “Sleep well, live awake” sleep improvement program
• Lectures and events to promote physical and mental health

Where do we work?

We are at home in Győr
In 1993, Audi Hungaria chose Győr from 180 possible sites and settled in the county seat located in Kisalföld. Over the past 28 years, the city and the company have developed together, and the region has become one of the most developed ones in Hungary. Győr combines the bustle of a vibrant European city with a homely atmosphere! More than 130,000 people populate the baroque streets and inviting downtown terraces, finding not only education and employment, but also a wealth of leisure opportunities in the City of Waters—all in a relaxed and human-scale environment. Many people are attracted by the homely atmosphere of the historic city center, the many cultural and sports opportunities, the proximity of nature, the vibrant economy and the well-developed infrastructure.
As a city of culture, Győr is home to the internationally renowned Ballet Company of Győr and the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, and is also the scene of long-standing festivals such as the Győrkőcfesztivál (Győrkids Festival) organized by the Vaskakas Puppet Theatre and the Győri Könyvszalon (Győr Bookfair). In addition to the vibrant cultural life, there are numerous sports events, and the future of the city lies in the developing university programs, in which Audi Hungaria is a key player through research and innovation.
Have you been here before? Watch our video below, in which our colleagues tell why they have chosen Győr as their home. Click here for the video! Meet us in the City of Meetings!
Working environment
More than 12,000 people work at Audi Hungaria every day. Our company strives to provide employees with a working environment in which they feel comfortable and at ease. Our common goal is to strengthen the sense of belonging within the company and the feeling that being an Audi employee is great. In addition, our company places great emphasis on sustainability, which has become a key factor in competitiveness. We have also achieved great progress in this area recently, as we have been carbon neutral since 2020. We will continue to work on reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and engaging our employees to contribute to a more sustainable future.
Not only is it important to create a pleasant working environment, but also to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees outside work. The lives of the families of our employees are important to us, including the ability to easily reconcile work and private life. Our company is well-equipped, providing a modern and pleasant working environment. Our employees have the possibility to use company computers, laptops and tablets for an indefinite period of time from the moment they join to carry out their daily tasks. These devices can run any system that people working here might need. In recent years, the use of online forums has become more prominent, and online meetings have become an integral part of Audi Hungaria's life, thanks to modern, well-organized operating systems.
Audi Hungaria's workplace catering is one of the most diverse things in our company. We have 3 restaurants, 13 buffets and a range of snack and drinks machines catering for our employees. Our restaurants offer a huge selection for our employees, from traditional to modern, special dishes, also catering for those with intolerances and vegetarians. Every day, our dessert counter has a fresh, tasty and varied selection, to the delight of our employees.
Our own events, organized and run by our employees, are also very popular with our staff. We are always thinking about our employees with kids, so we also organize children's activities. One of our regular events is the Easter playhouse, where our employees with kids can take part in playful activities and Easter crafts. On our Cooking Days, employees can compete in teams to cook stew, goulash soup and fish soup, which are judged by chefs from restaurants in the area. During the cooking time, there are children's activities to keep the children entertained. We are constantly encouraging our employees to do sports, which is why we also organize internal programs to give employees the chance to show off their talents. Every year we organize the Audi Cup, the Audi Hungaria Football Tournament, for which the grand prize is always a trip to a match of a well-known European team with all expenses paid.
A modern workplace promotes work-life balance, so we have introduced alternative employment as well as work from home. Our employees can now work in the comfort of their own homes, rather than just at their usual workplace, giving them more freedom to manage their tasks themselves. Mobile working has become part of our corporate culture, opening up to the needs of new generations.
Where do we work?


9027 Győr, Audi Hungária út 1.

+ 36 96 66 8888