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Audi employees around the world – the road of e-mobility from Győr to Kassel
2024. 07. 22.
István Schmidt is an engineer with long-standing relationships, since he has been closely involved in the technical areas of our company since 2013 and has been working with electric motors for 10 years, of which he is very proud. He has reached many milestones in his career. The challenges he has faced during this period have encouraged him to broaden his horizons even further with a posting abroad. Read about his professional successes, exciting challenges and details of his posting to Kassel in our article.
Level Up – The supplier role of the Engine Developing team of SZEengine is expanding
2024. 06. 27.
The SZEengine Engine Developing Team that is sponsored by Audi Hungaria has reached a new level of their performance since they became one of the Óbudai University Racing Team’s suppliers. The SZEngine Engine Development Team was established in 2008 through the initiative of the Audi Hungaria Internal Combustion Engine Department and the students of Széchenyi István University. Audi Hungaria has been a supporter and sponsor of the Győr team since the beginning.
Audi employees in the world – bringing together hobbies and professional development
2024. 06. 19.
Alexandra Nemes first met Audi Hungaria in 2014, during a factory visit organized for students, where the modern production lines, the monumentality of the factory and the professionalism of the engineers instantly convinced her to start her engineering career with us. As one of her main hobbies is travelling and learning about foreign cultures, and it is also very important for her to improve her language skills, it was only natural that she accepted the opportunity to work in Germany. In this article you can read about her experiences in Ingolstadt so far.
“Everything we learn at university becomes meaningful and purposeful during our days at Audi”
2024. 05. 29.
There are countless opportunities for university students to consciously build their careers. And our former trainee, Dániel Doma has been very purposeful in selecting from a palette of development opportunities in recent years. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the Széchenyi István University as a dual student of Audi, attended several professional training courses abroad, participated in Scientific Student Conferences and is also involved in several student organisations. These activities, among others, contributed to him being declared Engineering Student of the Year at the university in Győr in 2024. What lies behind this outstanding sense of purpose? Find it out by reading our interview with Dani!
Audi employees in the world – first-hand experiences from the parent company
2024. 05. 15.
From Human Resources to the Project Management Office? Yes! Nikolett Horváth originally wanted to work in HR but by a lucky coincidence she joined the Project Management Office, where she has been working for 5 years now. This change has given her the opportunity to gain experience abroad, which she sees as one of the milestones of her career.
Audi employees in the world – from the city of rivers to the Italian boot
2024. 04. 29.
"I've always wanted to experience what it's like to work abroad and the challenges it brings. In addition, the Lamborghini name was also an attractive factor. I think many vehicle engineers dream of working for a top-tier supercar manufacturer, and so did I.”
My story of change - Balázs Baranyi, Drive System Development
2024. 04. 24.
"When it comes to implementing groundbreaking things – that's my real field!" Balázs worked in toolmaking and bodywork construction for 15 years, but last year he saw the time as right to embark on something completely new. He switched to Drive System Development. Read about his successes and inspirational thoughts in our article.
The bridge between Győr and Sant’Agata Bolognese
2024. 04. 18.
In the past we have already written about the collaboration between Automobili Lamborghnini and Audi Hungaria. The team of Quality Functional Systems – since then involving more teams - works together with the Italian company since 2020. Now for the first time we are getting a whole new perspective of their work together.
“I’m driven by the same thing I was in Formula Student: to develop something unique.”
2024. 04. 15.
Crazy passion, incredible humility, endless creativity and expertise - perhaps these are the words that best describe Formula Student, one of the most outstanding university venues in motorsport. Last July, our development engineer colleague Dániel Dén, joined us from the BME Motorsport team in Budapest, and with the usual Formula Student enthusiasm, he told us about his past and about the present at Audi.
If you choose the hard way, persistence will get you help.
2024. 02. 08.
12,000 people, 12,000 stories. Although our focus within the walls of Audi is first and foremost on the job, we are all human and we all came to the company with a story to tell. In our everyday lives, our common goals at work come first, and our individual stories are also a source of great strength and motivation.
My story of change - Yessica Wunderli-Meyer, IT
2024. 02. 01.
From logistics to IT? Yes! Life can bring huge changes if we are open and dare to seize our opportunities. Read Yessica’s success story here.
My story of change: Ádám Horváth
2023. 12. 05.
I'm sure many of you know Adam, but did you know that he has worked in 5 different jobs at the engine factory over the last 9 years?! He told us his exciting story. Click!


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