...from Győr to the world


The growth of digitalization in the automotive industry has not only changed business models and products. IT support for core processes must also keep pace with the new opportunities and challenges of digital transformation.

Audi Hungaria provides more than twenty different services to more than 200 sites of the Volkswagen Group. Its activities range from IT security through the operation of SAP and non-SAP applications to software development, and its role is becoming increasingly important, supporting the work of thousands of people around the world every day. The diversity of our IT activities also gives us the opportunity to explore new goals and groups of professions within the IT world.

Our task is also becoming increasingly important in Győr, the world's largest powertrain factory: in the production of our electric drives, IT is a central part of production. It actually controls the entire production, so our experts have digitally mapped every element of the process. Another interesting fact is that our IT area also provides a range of service hotline services for Böllinger Höfe at Audi's Neckarsulm site, where, among other things, the all-electric Audi e-tron GT is produced. Therefore, we also place a strong emphasis on development and cloud technologies, and we want to continue to meet the needs of our customers by continuously optimizing our current solutions and services.


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