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Management careers

Members of management guide, coordinate and support Audi Hungaria's 12,000 employees, and plan, coordinate the implementation of tasks within the company and the Group.

In addition to team management at various levels, other important elements of management activity include workforce and capacity planning, professional monitoring and support, liaising with other relevant areas, and coordinating joint work both within the company and at Group level.

The selection and development process in management is based on harmonized principles within the VW Group. Members of the Audi Group management team are selected on the basis of the current needs of the company and can be deployed throughout the Group, therefore candidates must have a broad range of experience and a high level of competence.

Becoming a manager at Audi Hungaria can be achieved in two ways:

  • The primary aim of Audi Hungaria is to ensure that the company provides management succession from within its own ranks in accordance with the Volkswagen Group's guidelines, so that the succession pool is adequately prepared for performing the Volkswagen Group's management and professional management functions. The development of management succession is a systematic and individual development process with defined and transparent milestones.
  • It is also important for Audi Hungaria that the management knowledge and experience of professionals from other companies and outside the Group strengthen the management team and bring new perspectives and competences into the life of the Group. The management selection procedure for external candidates is the Assessment Center, which is the Group's standardized selection tool.

In both cases, the selection is based on the “Group requirement profile” containing the competences.

Supporting long-term, continuous development and improvement for all employees is part of our corporate culture, for which we provide time and space, adapting to ever-changing circumstances, taking bold decisions and redesigning when necessary.

If you are interested in applying for a management position at Audi Hungaria, you can find our current management position offers here: www.audi.hu/vezeto.


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