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Health management

The aim of Health Management is to maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of employees and, of course, to help maintain and create safe, healthy and motivating working conditions.

This goal is also a huge challenge, not only for the staff in the Health Management area, but also for the other employees. The work in this area can be truly successful if Audi Hungaria employees consciously work together to improve their health. It is important for us to “promote” health, to help and motivate our colleagues to take responsibility for their own health and healthy lifestyles.

Activities of the area include occupational health care (e.g. fitness tests), general and specialist medical care (e.g. Audi Checkup, physiotherapy, 24-hour ambulance service) and health awareness building (e.g. healthy eating, sleep, addiction prevention, stress management).

The department with 34 people is made up of qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and medical advisors.

Our services

Occupational health checks:

As part of occupational health care, we assess whether the stress caused by an activity in a specific job places a strain on the health of the person being examined and whether he or she is able to cope with it without risk of harm to health.

Occupational fitness assessments are based on the main occupational safety and health risk factors identified and recorded in the occupational risk assessment. These factors are identified and assessed by occupational safety specialists and doctors providing occupational health care. The occupational fitness tests are carried out by doctors and nurses providing occupational health services at Audi Hungaria's two health centers.

Specialist medical care:

Specialist medical care and other health services are provided to all Audi Hungaria employees. Specialist medical care services are provided by Hungária Med-M Kft. The specialist clinics are located at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 30–32., Győr.


Audi Checkup:

Audi Hungaria provides a personalized healthcare program for all its employees, called Audi Checkup. Our primary goal is to give our employees feedback on their health and fitness and, if necessary, advice on where and what they should change in their lifestyle and way of living. In this way, besides maintaining and improving their health, they can also prevent getting sick. Participation in the checkups is of course voluntary and completely free of charge.


The following treatments provided by a physiotherapist are available free of charge on the premises of the plant for employees of the company for preventive purposes based on the recommendation of the occupational physician.

Physiotherapy includes prevention, postural correction and improving joint range of motion. In addition to a personalized physiotherapy program, online physiotherapy and spine gymnastics services are also available.

Audi Hungaria Ambulance service:

The ambulance service is available to all employees on the premises of Audi Hungaria Zrt. 24/7. In case of an emergency, every minute counts. The main benefit of having our own ambulance service is saving time, as the Audi Ambulance Unit can be on site in less than 4 minutes.

We have trained first-aiders in all areas of the company, and we provide first-aid training for volunteers. Skills covered in the training include basic CPR, use of a semi-automatic defibrillator, recognition and management of sicknesses, accident first aid and bandaging techniques.

Mental health service:

A team of psychologists, doctors and mental health professionals supports the mental health of our employees. In addition to prevention programs and services, individual consultations are also available following a preliminary mental health assessment.

Other services:

  • Glasses to ensure sharp vision
  • Foot testing
  • Quit smoking program
  • “Sleep well, live awake” sleep improvement program
  • Lectures and events to promote physical and mental health


9027 Győr, Audi Hungária út 1.

+ 36 96 66 8888