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Dual higher education program

Our dual higher education program, developed in partnership with Széchenyi István University, offers a unique opportunity for young people interested in engineering or IT with the Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Business Informatics (full-time) and the English-language Automotive Engineering MSc programs.

Students learn the theoretical knowledge at the university, with a significantly increased number of hours of practical training made possible by Audi Hungaria. The close strategic cooperation between the university and the company is outstanding, thanks to which the training is delivered on a very high professional level. At Audi Hungaria, the students' practical training is overseen by specialist mentors, who not only give them a glimpse into the life of the company, but also give them the opportunity to learn and master the corporate mindset and specific professional skills.

For more information on dual higher education programs, visit the following website: www.audi.hu/dualis.


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