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“Everything we learn at university becomes meaningful and purposeful during our days at Audi”

2024. 05. 29.

There are countless opportunities for university students to consciously build their careers. And our former trainee, Dániel Doma has been very purposeful in selecting from a palette of development opportunities in recent years.

He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the Széchenyi István University as a dual student of Audi, attended several professional training courses abroad, participated in Scientific Student Conferences and is also involved in several student organisations. These activities, among others, contributed to him being declared Engineering Student of the Year at the university in Győr in 2024.

What lies behind this outstanding sense of purpose? Find it out by reading our interview with Dani!

How is the life of a dual student different from that of a classical university student?

As a dual student, you don’t only learn professional skills in university classes, but you also get to see the practical side of your chosen profession from the very first moment of your studies. Not only do we gain insights, but we also gain real professional experience, and we can be part of the daily tasks, challenges and successes of that field. Everything we learn at the university gets meaning and purpose during our days spent at Audi. I was already very impressed by this form of training when the staff at the Audi Hungaria exhibition booth explained the possibilities at the university's open doors event, although I had difficulty imagining at that time how this would be put into practice. Now I can say that I have made the best possible decision.

The IT field is very diverse, with very different tasks being carried out within teams. I think that one of the biggest advantages of the dual training was that in the first years I was able to learn about the different areas of IT as a “traveller”. It was very exciting and gave me a broad perspective. And the experience I gained allowed me to make a clear decision about what I was most interested in and which area of IT I wanted to work in in the long run. I’ve been involved in project management, infrastructure management, development and IT security, which has been very useful and enlightening, while it became clear to me that development would be the most appropriate direction for me within the field of IT. So, I spent the last semester of my dual training in this field. All in all, it is a great challenge to be a trainee and a dual student at Audi, as we can work on big projects even as students and, while learning, we also contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

My experience at Audi has also contributed to my success in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in January, and I also plan to do my Masters in parallel with my work in the future.


What do you engage in with your team?

I feel that I have found the area that best suits my professional interests and further development here in the Full Stack.NET development team.

My colleagues and I are mainly developing applications that support production and are closely related to production. Part of the team, including myself, is responsible for the development and support of internal applications for our engine factory. Our current project is the development of a new version of Central Client Management, which collects various data from production clients in the engine factory, including production tools – helping the work of production support engineers, maintenance, IT Security, IT Infrastructure and application operators. I have been involved in the development, testing and full documentation of several data collection modules of this application over the past period.


In 2024 you won the “Student of the Year” award at Széchenyi István University. What is this recognition due to? What was the road that led to this recognition?

Honestly, I didn’t even know about the existence of the award before, as the ceremony has been cancelled since COVID. Even if I had heard about it, I wouldn't have had the ambition to be Student of the Year, I just had a lot of professional opportunities that came my way that I was interested in and wanted to be involved in. I received the award in recognition of my academic achievements and these activities.


Tell us about these achievements and activities!

What I’d like to highlight is that as a member of NetClub, I am part of the team that provides Internet services in the university dorms. Personally, I am primarily involved in the operation of the network and the access control system.

In addition, I am a member of the Neumann János Computer Science Advanced College, and I wrote my thesis for the Scientific Student Conference as a member of this college. By the way, I created a website for the Conference, which keeps track of the data of the power plants in this country.

Besides, I am also part of the interdisciplinary team of the SZESAT, where we aim to build our own satellite. I work on the software aspect of the development here.


You have also attended several professional training courses abroad in the past years. How did you participate in these as a student?

In 2020, a university project called RUN-EU (Regional University Network - European University) was launched with universities from rural areas across Europe. The project is based on the idea that each participating university organises professional programmes and courses for students of the participating universities. There is a short selection process to decide who can participate in the courses. I was able to participate in 3 courses: in Portugal and Ireland to improve my Python skills, and in Austria I was invited to an AI course. In addition to my professional development, these trips have strengthened my ability to express opinions and improvise in a foreign language and to adapt to new situations.

I have made a lot of progress recently and I have a clear vision of my goals. I am curious and, thanks to this, I can see the world opening up more and more.


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