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2024. 05. 15.

From Human Resources to the Project Management Office? Yes!
Nikolett Horváth originally wanted to work in HR but by a lucky coincidence she joined the Project Management Office, where she has been working for 5 years now.
This change has given her the opportunity to gain experience abroad, which she sees as one of the milestones of her career.

Read about the challenges that shaped her personality in our article below.
Tell us about your role at Audi Hungaria to date.

Nikolett Horváth: I have been working at Audi Hungaria since 2016, starting my career as a trainee in Human Resources, where I gained a lot of interesting insights into personnel development and the operation of the organization. It was 5 years ago that I was looking for a full-time job when, by a lucky coincidence, I met the then head of my current department, who was looking for a new colleague. That's how I joined the PMO (Project Management Office).

This was the real deep water. It was not an easy start, it required a completely different mindset than what I was used to. In the world of Project Management, a process and systems approach and a structured/consistent mindset are essential. We provide the means and framework to support the work of project leaders and team members. I like the diversity of our work, no two topics or teams are the same.


How did the possibility of an assignment abroad arise and why did you decide to do it, what attracted you to it?

N. Horváth: I consider myself lucky, as I received a lot of support as a young professional to develop professionally in my job. Of course, I also had a lot to learn to achieve this. My supervisor always told me that I should definitely take a chance abroad, because I could gain a lot from it, both from a professional and a non-professional point of view.

As fate would have it, the PMO abroad was looking for a colleague, and the rest, as they say, is history. On the one hand, I was curious about the parent company’s operation and I wanted to learn more about the world of production. On the other hand, I also saw this opportunity as a challenge to shape my personality: how to cope in a foreign environment with new colleagues, new processes and different customs.


Where do you currently work and what are your daily tasks?

N. Horváth: My tasks are basically the same as back home, I support the project leaders with PM tools. The difference is in the complexity and size of the organization. My current projects are 100% production related, while earlier I used to have projects related to Human Resources and Finance.


What is your relationship like with your colleagues there?

N. Horváth: I'm part of a mainly international community, we have a great team, we learn a lot from each other and I think I can safely say that I can count on them in everything.

What are the main differences between the German and Hungarian workplace culture?

N. Horváth: Everything is a bit slower here, but that's explained by the size of the organization.


Tell us about what you do in your free time!

N. Horváth: I try to discover the region and the neighboring countries as much as possible with my friends here, who, coincidentally, I used to work with at Audi Hungaria. Munich and the Eibsee are my favorites, and it is great to be close to Tyrol and Switzerland. What I definitely recommend are the Volksfests, especially the Barthelmarkt. I would like to attend more of these events this year.


What do you miss most about home? How often do you travel home?

N. Horváth: This won’t come as anything new, I miss my family and friends the most. I make visits home about every month and a half, or whenever there is a special occasion.


What do you think are the personal/professional qualities that are essential for someone to succeed in a foreign assignment?

N. Horváth: The three most important things are flexibility, openness and diligence. You can't get by without them. In addition, I would definitely recommend to anyone who is planning to come here to get a Bavarian dictionary, it can be very useful.

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