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The operator of hereby informs the visitors of the webpage on the practice followed during handling personal data, on the organizational and technical measures taken to protect data, as well as the relevant rights of the visitors and their assertion possibilities.


Data disclosure and cookies

Although Users are generally not required to provide any data to use the Website, you may need to provide specific personal data to the Operator to be able to utilise certain services.

Depending on the services to be used, the Operator may need the following personal data:

  • your name and contact details, including your email address, home address and company details;
  • information about your personal and professional interests as well as your educational background;
  • demographic details;
  • your experience related to our products and preferences regarding the use of your contact details so that we can provide you with additional information about our products and services.

Cookies may store information about the parameters of your device used for browsing, your browser, as well as your settings and browsing history (if any) to help us improve your user experience.


1. The manager of data

The manager of data is AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. (headquarters: 9027 Győr, Audi Hungária út 1.)


2. Sphere of managed data

In addition, the Website may place cookies on your device used for browsing, provided you have given your express consent when first accessing the Website. It’s important to note that these cookies are stored on your device used for browsing rather than at the Operator, which means that you have full control over them.

In addition to the details listed above, the start and end time of your visit, your IP address, and in some cases (depending on the settings of your computer), the browser you used, the type and language of your operating system, the parameters of your device, the settings you configured on the Website, the visited subsites and the duration of these visits may also be automatically collected via cookies in the course of viewing the Website. The system automatically generates statistical data from these data. The operator does not connect these data to the personal data. In case of entry, the system sends a session ID, which is automatically deleted when leaving the page.

The data manager handles the e-mail address, password and username of the user for those services which require webpage entry. Giving the data related to the year of birth, zip code, profession, job and educational graduation is optional, the service can be used even without giving these data.

The management of data made available for the usage of the webpage is performed on the basis of the voluntary approval of the user.


3. Objective of data management

The objective of data management is to provide permanent relation between the registered users using the services of the webpage and the data manager, as well as to survey public opinion.

The registration and storage of the date of visit, the type of the browser and the operation system serve exclusively statistic purposes.

The data manager must not use the personal data for any purpose different from those indicated. The management of such data is performed by the voluntary approval of the user.

All the data and fact related to the users are handled confidentially by they are exclusively used for the development of its services, the sales of advertisement surfaces and to elaborate own research and statistics. The publication of statements prepared on the basis of these can be done only in a way, which does not permit the individual identification of each user.

Data is controlled in order to ensure a continuous connection between the registered Users using the services on the Website and the Operator, as well as to provide an enhanced user experience, to ensure the provision of information to the Users for recruitment purposes and to conduct surveys.


4. Duration of data management

The session IDs are automatically deleted when leaving the webpage.

The data manager deletes the personal data given during registration on the request of the user, or when the service terminates.

The does not assume any liability for any previous webpage, which had been already deleted, but archived by the help of Internet searching programs. The elimination of them should be ensured by the operator of the searching site.

Personal data provided depending on the service used will be used by the Operator for a period of 5 years for recruitment purposes. After that, they will be deleted from Web Hosting’s internal system.


5. Persons having authorization to access to data, data processors

Personal data provided by the Users may be accessed and used for the above purposes by the Operator’s staff. Additionally, they may also be accessed by Web Hosting’s authorised personnel for the purpose of storage in Web Hosting’s internal system.

The data manager cannot submit personal data to third persons except for those indicated. This does not refer to possible data submissions specified by law, which could occur only in exceptional cases. Before fulfilling each request of the authorities, the data manager examines with respect to each data if the legal basis for forwarding the data really exists.


6. Rights of users related to personal data handling, data deletion

The users can decide on giving the data indicated in point 2. The legal basis of data management is the voluntary approval of the users.

The users can ask for information on the handling of their personal data. The data manager gives information on request to the people concerned on the data handled by him, the objective of data management, the legal basis, the name, address (headquarters: 9027 Győr, Audi Hungária út 1.) of data processor, on his activity related to data management, as well as on who is receiving, or has received the data and for which purpose. Information can be requested at the postal address of the data manager (headquarters: 9027 Győr, Audi Hungária út 1.), and at the following e-mail address

The user can ask for the correction and deletion of his personal data at the same contact addresses.

In case of non-conforming usage of the services of the webpage, or on the own request of the user, we delete the belonging data. Deletion is performed within 24 hours following the next working day calculated from the reception of the demand for deletion.


7. Data protection measures

Our company stores personal data on the servers of Web Hosting Kft. (9700 Szombathely, Semmelweis Ignác u. 2. - Pelikán Palace Irodaház which are guarded personally during 24 hours, and can be found on the Hungarian Internet main line network.


8. Possibilities for assertion of rights

The user, who feels that the owner of has violated his rights for the protection of personal data, can validate his claim before civil court, or can also ask for the help of the data protection commissioner. The detailed legal regulations related to this and to the obligations of data manager are included in Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information.

For the establishment of data protection principles we have taken as a basis the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information.; and the Law No. VI./1998. on the protection of private persons during machine processing of personal data.


9. Information on dangers threatening privacy

The usage of Internet involves different dangers threatening privacy.

We would like to draw your attention that your opinion presented at the webpage is personal data, from which your special data, origin, political point of view can be also revealed. These data can be accessed by anybody.

We propose you to use PET technology in order to protect your personal data (Privacy Enhancing Technology). You can find relevant information at several web sites.


10. Important web pages

Privacy Enhancing Technology

Data protection information