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Production technology design

Production technology design

Production technology design is the most important pillar of manufacturing processes. Without the optimal functioning of technologies, processes and equipment, the thousands of powertrains and cars that make Audi Hungaria one of the world's largest powertrain and state-of-the-art vehicle factories could not be produced. Operational and functional reliability, analysis and troubleshooting of various faults are essential for daily work processes.

Production technology design is a complex and exciting segment of the company, as it is based on the joint work and cooperation of several areas: casting technologies, machining, the powertrain assembly shop, the tool shop and series production, logistics, quality assurance, maintenance, development and project management.

Audi Hungaria’s production engineering team is responsible for designing the production lines of our powertrain factory. Our responsibilities include pre-decision and pre-series project work for the latest generation of internal combustion engine and electric drive production lines, performing and coordinating series production support tasks, developing and integrating new production technologies. Our team is structured around the technologies, with separate teams dedicated to the design of combustion engine and electric drive production lines, and within that, to the testing and further development of the technologies present here. There is the possibility of mobility and professional transition between our specialty areas according to one’s expertise and interest. We usually have teams of 10-15 people, working along Simultaneous Engineering principles, so we can run several projects in parallel. When interacting with our supplier partners, we tend to send our colleagues on assignments, which can nowadays mostly take the form of online visits, or on less frequent occasions, in person, which in this case means visits to suppliers in Europe for a few days. In the normal course of operations, such missions occur on average on a monthly basis. We work closely with our parent company's Production Planning area, so international coordination is also part of our daily routine.

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